Super Window Cleaner
Super Window Cleaner
Super Window Cleaner
Super Window Cleaner
Super Window Cleaner
Super Window Cleaner
Super Window Cleaner
Super Window Cleaner

Super Window Cleaner

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 🌟Hard to reach? This Super Window Cleaner will help you clean your windows on the front and back in seconds!🌟

Whether you live in a fifth-floor walk-up or detached home, you don't have to spend another minute stuck looking out of dirty plates of glass.

Cleaning windows can be quite difficult especially when you have to go through the glass on the other side as well. It takes twice the time and twice the effort.

But with the Magnetic Glass Cleaner, you can clean both sides of the window at the same time! That saves your effort and time in the most convenient way!

This type of window cleaner is filled with strong magnets which help to keep the window cleaner from falling or breaking while you’re cleaning with it. It will use the magnets built into it to lock itself through the glass on the window.

Because it attaches both of its sides on the separate window panes, both will work to clean the different window sides as you move it. This means that as you clean the inside part of your window, the outside part will start to clean as well.


This will help to ensure that you can clean windows safely and easily.


  • Made from sophisticated and durable ABS production material that is practical, solid, and drop-free.
  • It has a unique water storage sponge so you don’t have to keep on adding water again and again.
  • Its triangular shape cleans more thoroughly even in the corners.
  • Its oval handle makes it easier to operate and use.
  • It cleans really well and has soft, wear-resistant, anti-acid and alkali features that offer long service life.


Made out of a tough plastic material, the magnetic window cleaners work to quickly clean dirty windows with their different measuring functions.

This product is made with a unique triangular design which works to help clean window edges easier, a spot that is often difficult to reach when cleaning these items.

These affordable cleaners feature a soft cotton padding to help clean areas and a water storage container so the cleaning solution doesn’t run everywhere.


They also feature a sturdy handle you can hold on to when cleaning so your grip doesn’t slip when cleaning with it.


  • Material: plastic + rubber + magnet
  • Color: red
  • S applies to: single-layer ordinary thin glass
  • M applies to: toughened single-layer thickened glass
  • L applies to: double-layer laminated glass


  1. Twist and open the cleaning brush.
  2. Moisten the cleaning brush to allow the cleaning pad to absorb more water.
  3. Apply dishwashing liquid onto the cleaning pad of the brush. Rub the two cleaning pads against each other to create foam.
  4. Place the safety cord of the cleaning brush around a non-operating hand to prevent dropping. Attach the cleaning brush with the safety cord to the outside of the glass, and the other pad to the inside, making them face each other.
  5. Horizontally wipe the glass along the rubber seal.
  6. Scrape the glass with the cleaning pad facing upwards.
  7. Soak and clean the cleaning brush in water, then wipe off dirt using a towel.


  • 1 x Super Window Cleaner


  • Different thicknesses correspond to different specifications. It is recommended to choose a larger size based on the glass thickness. Selecting a size that is too small might result in inadequate suction. If the glass is not very thick, choosing a size that is too large might also be inconvenient to operate and poses a risk of breaking the glass.
    • For 3-8mm glass thickness, suitable for regular single-layer glass, the total glass thickness cannot exceed 5mm.
    • For 7-15mm glass thickness, suitable for single-layer thickened glass, the total glass thickness cannot exceed 11mm.
    • For 15-24mm glass thickness, suitable for regular double-layer glass, the total glass thickness cannot exceed 20mm.
  • Do not use this product on cracked glass.
  • Remove cement or other solidified materials from the glass before using this product.
  • Ensure the safety cord is securely fastened before use. Place the safety cord loop around a non-operating hand before starting to use.
  • Make sure the cleaner is free of impurities before use to prevent damaging the glass surface.
  • For very dirty glass, clean all parts after the first wipe to facilitate the second round of cleaning.
  • When using the product, place the cleaner on the glass first, then press the close/open switch for normal use. This product has strong magnetic force; improper use may be dangerous. Read the instructions before use and keep it out of reach of children.
  • Due to the magnetic nature of this product, keep it away from items like watches, TVs, magnetic cards, etc.
  • Dampen the glass surface with a sprayer for easier cleaning.
  • A scrubbing cloth can be substituted with a scrubbing pad.
  • Before purchasing, select the appropriate glass cleaner based on the glass thickness range.
  • This product is magnetic; operate it safely and in accordance with guidelines. When not in use, store the glass cleaner with a barrier in between.